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Our Newest CD
"Where one journey stops, another begins." ~Angela


  1.  Journey - written by Angela Pregeant McKinney   Listen
  2.  Wildfire
- written by Michael Martin Murphy  Listen
  3.  Gentle On My Mind
- written by John Hartford  Listen
  4.  Happy Song
- written by Angela Pregeant McKinney  Listen
  5.  I Don't Live Here Anymore
- written by Angela Pregeant  McKinney  Listen
  6.  Only When
- written by Missy Holtman & Angela Pregeant  McKinney  Listen
  7.  Try A Little Kindness
- written by Curt Sapaugh & Bobby Austin  Listen
  8.  Fields of Gold
- written by Sting  Listen
  9.  Moon Song -
written by Missy Holtman  Listen
 10.  Tired and Weary
- written by Angela Pregeant McKinney  Listen


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Angela McKinney & Her Mighty Small Band
Pieces of Me

"Angela McKinney's Pieces of Me is truly a work of art. With thought-provoking lyrics and a voice that is both strong and vulnerable, Angela sings straight to the heart. This is a CD that you will want to listen to over and over again."

1.  This I Know -written by Angela McKinney Listen
2.   We Used To -
written by Dolly Parton  Listen
3.  Tell Me That You Love Me
-written by Angela McKinney  Listen
4.  I Want to Fly 
-written by Angela McKinney Listen
5.  The Dream 
-written by Angela McKinney Listen
6.  September Winds 
-written by Angela McKinney Listen
7.  Face Lost in the Crowd 

        -written by Jake Landers / Vassar Clements
8.  I'm Going Back
-written by Angela McKinney  Listen
9.  Once in a Blue Moon 

        -written by Patrick Alger / Eugene Levine
10. Deliverance
-written by Angela McKinney  Listen
11. Come Out of the Rain 
-written by Angela McKinney Listen

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        Angela McKinney  
    & Her Mighty Small Band   
           Sit. Stay. Listen.





James and Angela McKinney Band, A Clear View CDA Clear View

"The high point of this collection is the lead vocal of Angela McKinney...a minor masterpiece  that cries out to be heard."  
~ Bluegrass Unlimited

"Seriously, Angela has a superb voice that is well showcased on 
 A Clear View."  ~ Bluegrass Now

“The album is filled with great songs and, of course, Angela’s sublime
 vocals.  I especially enjoyed Angela’s fine original, “Come Out of the Rain.”  Thanks  again for the killer CD.”
~Dave Higgs,  Nashville Public Radio

                                                                           $15           More Info & Listen to clips





Angela McKinney, Danger In the Air CD


Danger In the Air ~ The Edge 

This is one of  Angela's earliest works as the lead singer  with the long-running Danger In the Air.    

               $10                 More Info